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Well fertilized lawn at a home in Spokane, WA.

Lawn Fertilization Services Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake, WA Areas

Strengthen your lawn with our custom-blended fertilizers that are offered in organic or standard options.

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We provide professional fertilization applications for residential & commercial clients in and around Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake, WA.

Treatments are spread throughout the year that can adhere to the customer's preference for either custom-blended or organic products.

To be as healthy as possible throughout the year, your lawn needs a periodic boost of nutrients so the grass can absorb them and become strong. With our professional fertilization applications, we ensure your residential or commercial lawn is in peak shape.

We offer treatments that are custom-blended or organic in nature in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, and surrounding areas of Washington.

Details About Our Available Custom-Blended & Organic Fertilizer Treatments

Recently mowed and fertilized commercial lawn in Spokane Valley, WA.

There are two standard fertilizer treatments available: custom-blended and organic. Each service consists of five applications spread apart by six to eight-week intervals and includes custom-blended mixtures, tailor-made for regional weather conditions.

Here is a brief outline of our treatment schedule:

  • Early Spring - Quick-release, nitrogen-based fertilizer
  • Summer - Our balanced blend of ammonium sulfate, urea, and potassium sulfate
  • Fall - Typically consists of a slow-release fertilizer. As temperature drops, we use a custom blend including a quick-release “winterizer” product.

Our custom-blended fertilizer treatments vary in their make-up and expected results. Below, you’ll find a rundown of the products we use:

  • Custom-Blended Fertilizer - Provides optimum results for weed prevention and green growth. This product is custom-blended by our experts to suit the exact needs of your lawn and plants. Typically includes nitrogen, ammonium sulfates, urea, and potassium sulfate.
  • Organic Fertilizer - Hand-spread granular organic material, composed of dehydrated poultry waste.

New Lawns Require Different Fertilizer Blends Than Already Established Lawns

Well fertilized home lawn in Liberty Lake, WA.

Our experts have learned what works best in different scenarios. Different blends are called for when fertilizing new lawns and established lawns.

Here is a quick guide to how our team manages lawns at different stages of growth:

  • New Lawns - Grasses that are still being established with seedlings do not respond as well to nitrogen and potassium. Instead, starter fertilizer containing high levels of phosphorus is often used, which increases germination and sprouting.
  • Established Lawns - Grasses which have taken root and established themselves benefit more from nitrogen, potassium, & phosphorus treatments

It’s important to fertilize cool-season grass in periodic increments to keep the grass and plants fed during peak growing times. Well-fed lawns are more resistant to insect infestations and plant disease and will have stronger root systems.

For soil in need of restoration, we offer aeration services in the months of May and June.

Speak to our experts about fertilization services for your home or business.

At Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, Inc., we put hard work and experience together to deliver optimal lawn fertilization services in the region of Washington that includes Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake If you own a home or business in these areas, call (509) 927-6767 today to speak to one of our experts about our custom-blended and organic fertilizer treatments.

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