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This house in South Hill neighborhood has a large lawn that requires fertilization and weed control treatments.

South Hill Plant Care & Lawn Health

Prevent lawn and plant insects and diseases on the South Hill with our treatments that include insecticide, fungicide, fertilization, weed control, and more.

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Lawn care and plant health services for residential and commercial properties in the South Hill of Spokane and nearby areas.

Keep your lawn and plants healthy with routine fertilization, weed control, pest control, and other treatments throughout the year.

This home in South Hill, WA uses our lawn care services and shrub bed weed control.

Spokane's South Hill is big on tradition. Many homes in the area have been there for decades and have large parcels of land. Some residents have been there for more than 50 years.

At Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we are proud to work with residents and nearby businesses on the South Hill to create a healthy lawn, garden beds, and landscaping. Our nearly 30 years of experience give us the knowledge needed to treat your lawns and plants with the best treatments available. The services we offer to Spokane's South Hill, include:

Reduce Threats to Your Grass in South Hill with Lawn Insect & Disease Control Services

In the South Hill area and other nearby neighborhoods, there are many insects and diseases that can threaten the health of your lawn. Our treatments for lawn insects such as chinch bugs and white grubs help reduce the appearance of these insects in your grass. These voracious pests will quickly devour a lawn and damage it beyond repair without treatment. Reducing these bugs is a key component of overall lawn health.

We also see common lawn diseases in the area like red thread, Rhizoctonia, necrotic ring spot, and more. These fungal diseases can either kill or weaken your grass substantially without routine fungicide treatments. We offer these treatments during the year.

Keep Weeds out of Landscape Beds with Shrub Bed Weed Control Treatments

We know landscape beds and gardens are important to residents on the South Hill. That’s why we offer shrub bed weed control treatments to help eliminate weeds from those areas. Weeds can be a drain on resources for your other plants as they take up nutrients and block air and light from reaching your landscape plants. When you make an investment in your landscaping, you want to be able to protect it from these invasive weeds. We offer both pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments.

Our Shrub & Tree Health Services Ensure Shrubs & Trees Reach Optimal Condition

Shrubs, trees, and other plants can also be susceptible to insect infestation and plant diseases. We can help homeowners on Spokane's South Hill protect their shrubs and trees from these issues with our shrub and tree health services. Our professional team members apply preventative treatments to keep insects and plant diseases away.

Insects such as spider mites, aphids, scale, and more can destroy a tree or shrub without proper care. Plant diseases in the area include black spot, powdery mildew, and plant rust, which can all weaken leaves and overall plant structure.

Shrubs and trees require preventative care and examinations to make sure insects and plant diseases don’t weaken or destroy them.

Give Your Lawn the Treatments it Needs to Thrive with Fertilization & Weed Control Applications

Close up of a fertilization treatment applied on a lawn in South Hill, WA.

Lawns on the South Hill are sweeping and beautiful, but to keep them looking that way, the grass requires key nutrients that come from fertilization treatments such as nitrogen, potassium, and more. Our fertilizer treatments are spread out over five visits from early spring to fall. We provide both chemical treatments and organic treatments for those who wish to use fewer chemicals in their lawn.

Along with our chemical fertilizer treatments, we also offer pre- and post-emergent weed control applications to help reduce the appearance of weeds in your lawn. These treatments target common weeds such as dandelions, crabgrass, and more.

Remove Hazardous Spiders from Your Buildings With Spider Barrier Services

Spider bites can be painful, even when the spider is nonvenomous. However, a venomous spider bite comes with side effects that can cause damage to both humans and animals alike. The hazardous black widow spider and yellow sac spiders are native venomous spiders to the South Hill area and like to hide in dark corners where you often won’t spy them until it’s too late.

With our spider barrier services, we spray the exterior walls of your home or office and the surrounding ground with 4 treatments spread out over 6-8 weeks. This helps to remove them from the interior of your building and keep them outside.

Do you need lawn care, plant health, or insect and disease control in Spokane's South Hill?

At Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we have almost 30 years of experience treating lawns, trees, and shrubs in the South Hill area. Contact us for any lawn care, plant health, insect control, disease control, and other needs. Give us a call today at (509) 927-6767 to set up an initial consultation for your property.

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