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Is Spring Fertilizing Really That Important?

Is Spring Fertilizing Really That Important?

If you want your lawn to be verdant and lush this year, then you will need to apply a treatment of spring fertilizer. Fertilizer supplies key nutrients to your grass and the soil that they otherwise wouldn't get.

Here's why you need to apply spring fertilization in Spokane Valley, Spokane, Liberty Lake, and the nearby areas of Washington State.

Fertilizer provides important nutrients to your grass.

Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service work truck preparing lawn fertilization treatment in Spokane, WA.

Once your grass is no longer dormant from the winter, it will begin to grow as it absorbs light, water, and air. If it is growing without the nutrients received from an initial spring fertilizer treatment, then it will not be as strong.

In early spring, it's best to administer a quick-release, nitrogen-based fertilizer. Nitrogen is what makes your grass green as it is a huge component of chlorophyll. While it is in the air around us, your grass cannot use it until it has been absorbed into the soil.

While nitrogen is vital, there is a reason they say "too much of a good thing." Too much nitrogen can cause burns in the grass. On the reverse side, if there is not enough nitrogen, the grass blades will turn yellow.

Our lawn care professionals will create a custom-blended fertilizer that is specific to your property, so rest assured that we will apply the amount of nitrogen your lawn needs.

A fertilization treatment also nourishes your soil.

Those nutrients will work their way down into the soil, where the materials...

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How European Crane Flies Cause Damage to Your Lawn

How European Crane Flies Cause Damage to Your Lawn

In eastern Washington, we have a few problematic insects that can kill off a lawn, but European crane flies can cause damage to your lawn and weaken it, making it more susceptible to other threats such as weed invasion.

These insects often invade Washington lawns in winter or early spring, which means now is the time to check for any damage or signs of these pests. Learn about the European crane fly and how it affects lawns throughout Spokane, Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, and the surrounding communities.

What Is a European Crane Fly?

European crane flies come from western Europe and are an invasive species. They were brought to Canada and discovered in the 1960s. An adult crane fly looks similar to a larger mosquito, with two wings. Their life cycle lasts approximately one year. Their larvae hatch in the late summer and begin feeding on roots, shoots, and the crowns of your grass. These larvae have leathery-like skin, giving them the name "leatherjackets."

Signs of European Crane Fly Damage

Once early spring arrives and your grass begins to grow out, you may notice thinned out areas in the lawn. These areas may be affected by the European crane fly larvae. If you see an increased presence of starlings, robins, or other birds rooting around in those thinned out areas, that's a good indicator of larvae being present.

Examine for crane flies by digging up about four random spots in your lawn to count the larvae. Each spot...

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Keep an Eye out for These Lawn Diseases in Your Washington Yard

Keep an Eye out for These Lawn Diseases in Your Washington Yard

It's obvious that neglected lawns are ill-equipped to ward off lawn diseases. However, even well-maintained lawns may occasionally fall victim to these pesky ailments. Some common lawn diseases found here in Washington include red thread, necrotic ring spot, and grass melting out.

You shouldn't have to battle these lawn diseases without the proper industry knowledge and techniques. Here at Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we take care of the entire lawn disease treatment process. Our lawn care providers offer professional lawn disease control for yards in Liberty Lake, Spokane, and Spokane Valley, WA.

Red thread is a lawn disease caused by low nitrogen levels in your yard's soil.

Red thread is a lawn disease that typically shows up between late April and mid-June. However, it can appear during the majority of the growing season in Spokane Valley and surrounding areas if the conditions are just right.

Red thread is relatively easy to spot. It usually takes one of two different forms:

  • Red thread-like branches on the grass's surface
  • Fuzzy pink clusters

The red thread spots of your grass are oftentimes up to eight inches in diameter. In either form of red thread growth, the underlying grass is usually light brown in color.

This lawn disease is most often caused by low nitrogen levels in your yard's soil. Our lawn care providers will develop a course of action for your grass to help it fight off red thread. This usually involves...

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5 Reasons to Ensure Your Lawn Has Routine Weed Control

5 Reasons to Ensure Your Lawn Has Routine Weed Control

Here at Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we promote the health and beauty of your lawn and landscape through a variety of lawn care services. Routine weed control is one of the most beneficial services you can enlist for your lawn. Our lawn care providers offer routine weed control to properties located in Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, and Spokane, WA. We implement our proven 5-application plan and never miss a visit so your lawn can grow free of weeds year-round. 

Check out five reasons to ensure your lawn has routine weed control. 

1. Routine weed control prevents weeds from germinating in the first place. 

A lot of home- and business owners are aware of the benefits of post-emergent weed extraction. However, the benefits of routine weed control go far beyond their removal. Through our routine weed control services, we prevent weeds from germinating in the first place. 

We prepare your lawn to combat aggressive weed growth. Even with the humidity, warm weather, and rainfall present during the growing season, routine weed control keeps these unwanted plants at bay. 

2. Regular weed control treatments make more nutrients available to your lawn. 

Oftentimes, weeds grow much quicker than your grass does. They require a significant amount of resources to thrive, including nutrients, water, and sunlight. If weeds are hogging these resources, your grass won't have everything it needs to grow green and lush. 

Opt ...

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3 Venomous Spiders to Keep Out of Your Home in Spokane, WA

3 Venomous Spiders to Keep Out of Your Home in Spokane, WA

Some spiders are harmless while others can cause skin irritation or more severe symptoms. Unfortunately, there are a few species of native and non-native spiders in Spokane, WA that can harm you, your family members, and your pets with their bites.

Here at Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we offer an effective spider barrier service that keeps these eight-legged creatures out of your home. We provide this service to those in Spokane, Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, and other nearby Washington areas.

Below, we'll discuss three venomous spiders you should keep out of your home and how our team can help.

1) Hobo spiders are small, but their bites can cause bad physical reactions.

Hobo spiders are small and typically shy. They normally don't get bigger than half an inch, and their leg span usually doesn't exceed 3 inches. Despite their small size, they will bite when they feel threatened.

You can identify a hobo spider by the following characteristics:

  • Hairy-looking legs
  • Herringbone pattern on top of the abdomen
  • Subdued coloration (brown and rust earth shades)

The hobo spider's bite is strong enough to cause localized pain. In some cases, tissue death, medically referred to as necrosis, will occur at and near the bite. Some victims have reported symptoms like:

  • Feelings of general discomfort
  • Vision abnormalities
  • Severe headaches

The good news is that this spider's bite isn't fatal to humans who are in good health. However, a wound ...

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How to Keep Shrubs & Trees Healthy in Winter

How to Keep Shrubs & Trees Healthy in Winter

Winter can take its toll on your landscape plants, shrubs, and trees. The cooler weather, freezing precipitation, wind, and other aspects of the season can attack your plants if they aren't adequately prepared for these cold months. There are steps your professional plant care company can take to ensure your plants are ready for winter.

Some of these steps include fertilization, addressing insect infestation, stopping plant disease, and more. To make it through the winter in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, and the nearby areas, your shrubs and trees need to be as strong as possible.

Fall Fertilization Treatment Keeps Plants, Shrubs, & Trees Well-Fed Throughout the Winter

Fertilizing plants before winter in Spokane, WA.

A key step in preparing your plants, trees, and shrubs for winter is to give a winterizer fertilization treatment sometime in the fall. At Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we apply a slow-release fertilizer to your lawn during the fall and a quick-release winterizer product as the temperature begins to fall. These nutrients spread into your soil, nourishing all the plants, shrubs, and trees on your property as well. When your landscape plants are well-fed entering the winter months, they are more resilient to fight off any problems that winter may bring, whether it be icy weather or freezing temperatures.

Perform an Inspection for Signs of Insect Infestation on Plants & Shrubs

If insects have started to take over your landscape plants, shrubs, or trees, then it's vital to...

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Why Your Lawn Needs Fall & Winter Fertilization

Why Your Lawn Needs Fall & Winter Fertilization

Your lawn requires many various services to keep it strong, healthy, and green year-round. Fertilization is one of the most important services you can provide your lawn. While spring is the most popular fertilization time, your lawn greatly benefits from fall and winter fertilization.

Fall and winter fertilization promotes better nutrient absorption, sustain your lawn through the cold winter month, and help it recover stronger and greener in the spring. Here is why your lawn needs fall and winter fertilization in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, and the surrounding areas.

Better Nutrient Absorption

Grass in Spokane Valley, WA that has greater nutrient absorption thanks to fall fertilization.

Autumn provides your lawn with the perfect environment for optimum nutrient absorption. Cool temperatures and an influx in moisture reduce stress on your lawn and help your grass roots drink up nutrients applied by your fertilizer treatments. Fertilizing in winter continues to provide your lawn with helpful nutrients and energy needed to last throughout the winter. Your lawn’s health and survivability during the winter are determined by the number of nutrients it can soak up before dormancy.

Winter Sustainability

Applying fertilizer in the fall is pivotal to your lawn’s sustainability during the winter. Winterizer, as it’s commonly known, provides your lawn with food and nutrients that it can store for later use throughout the winter. Before entering dormancy, your lawn prepares itself for the winter by increasing its...

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Why Spiders Need to Be Kept Away from Your Family & Pets

Why Spiders Need to Be Kept Away from Your Family & Pets

According to the Washington State Department of Health, there are two spiders of medical significance present in Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake, WA—the black widow spider and the yellow sac spider. They are known for having venomous bites. For those who have spider allergies, any kind of spider bite could make them ill.

Even though it’s just two venomous species, two spiders are two too many. Both species make their way indoors for various reasons. Black widows come inside because they like building their webs in dark, cluttered areas such as the basement. Yellow sac spiders wander inside human homes during the fall because they’re not a fan of the cold.

But you don’t have to accept these visitors who are dangerous to your children and pets as they innocently play and explore the house. Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service has been helping customers with spider prevention and spider removal since 1992. Our spider barrier service is a popular option for protecting your home from spiders.

The Effects of Spider Bites Include Blisters, Rashes, Muscle Pain, & More

A yellow sac spider rests on a plant in Spokane Valley, WA.

Spider bites can range in level of severity. Those who are vulnerable or have compromised immune systems (such as children or the elderly) will likely suffer worse symptoms. Those with high blood pressure will, too, find spiders dangerous to encounter. The symptoms can also be more severe—or even deadly—if the bite comes from a more venomous spider. Black widow ...

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Why You Need Weed Control for Your Lawn

Why You Need Weed Control for Your Lawn

When thinking about lawn health, we often think about the usual steps of fertilization, proper irrigation, and regular trimming and maintenance. What many often overlook, however, is how weed control is just as important for your lawn's health.

Without weed control, weeds starve your grass and plants, creating an unsightly mess and causing more time and money to be spent later on. Weeds wreak havoc to your landscape and diminish your property's investment. Here are some reasons why you need weed control for your lawn in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, and other nearby areas in Washington.

Why Weeds Are Bad for Your Lawn

Generally speaking, weeds are plants that provide no value, in terms of food or nutrients or visual appeal to your lawn. They spread rapidly and once their roots take hold, they become stronger and much harder to eliminate. These weeds also become much more aggressive over time. The sooner you take action against weeds in your yard, the easier it is to get rid of them and keep them gone.

Simply put, weeds choke out your grass and kill it by depriving it of much-needed space, nutrients, and light. Weeds also compete with flowers, vegetables and other plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight. Because weeds are voracious and grow astoundingly fast, they often absorb more of one nutrient than others, leaving an imbalance of nutrients in your soil. When fertilizer is applied to your lawn, weeds are the quickest to soak up...

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Best Practices for Preventing Plant & Shrub Diseases

Best Practices for Preventing Plant & Shrub Diseases

In our area of Washington, we have many different types of plants, shrubs, trees, and bushes. These provide beauty and excellent scenery, but they are susceptible to many threats.

When these plants and trees aren’t properly fertilized, they lose the strength to fend off insects and diseases. Here are some common diseases that plague plants in the areas of Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake, and how we can work to help prevent them from destroying the plants in your yard.

Lecanium Scale Infests Many Plants, Sucks Sap Out of Branches & Leaves

Lecanium scale can overtake trees in Spokane Valley.

Lecanium scale is actually a type of small insect, and there are several types of this pest. They like to invade plants and trees that produce sap such as birch, oak, dogwood, maple, and fruit trees. In other words, they may end up infesting pretty much any kind of tree, even some evergreen trees.

Typical signs of this include leaves wilting and a sticky substance that the scale puts out. This sticky substance can accumulate and become a haven for mold. As this builds up, it begins to block light and air that is needed for photosynthesis to occur. Scale starts to develop during the winter and then feeds during the summer. They spread to other trees as the leaves begin to fall.

To control these invasions, it’s best to be proactive and keep inspecting plants and trees for any signs. These are best killed with chemical treatments applied by a professional who is licensed to use them.

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