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Keep an Eye out for These Lawn Diseases in Your Washington Yard

Keep an Eye out for These Lawn Diseases in Your Washington Yard

It's obvious that neglected lawns are ill-equipped to ward off lawn diseases. However, even well-maintained lawns may occasionally fall victim to these pesky ailments. Some common lawn diseases found here in Washington include red thread, necrotic ring spot, and grass melting out.

You shouldn't have to battle these lawn diseases without the proper industry knowledge and techniques. Here at Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we take care of the entire lawn disease treatment process. Our lawn care providers offer professional lawn disease control for yards in Liberty Lake, Spokane, and Spokane Valley, WA.

Red thread is a lawn disease caused by low nitrogen levels in your yard's soil.

Red thread is a lawn disease that typically shows up between late April and mid-June. However, it can appear during the majority of the growing season in Spokane Valley and surrounding areas if the conditions are just right.

Red thread is relatively easy to spot. It usually takes one of two different forms:

  • Red thread-like branches on the grass's surface
  • Fuzzy pink clusters

The red thread spots of your grass are oftentimes up to eight inches in diameter. In either form of red thread growth, the underlying grass is usually light brown in color.

This lawn disease is most often caused by low nitrogen levels in your yard's soil. Our lawn care providers will develop a course of action for your grass to help it fight off red thread. This usually involves...

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Why You Need Weed Control for Your Lawn

Why You Need Weed Control for Your Lawn

When thinking about lawn health, we often think about the usual steps of fertilization, proper irrigation, and regular trimming and maintenance. What many often overlook, however, is how weed control is just as important for your lawn's health.

Without weed control, weeds starve your grass and plants, creating an unsightly mess and causing more time and money to be spent later on. Weeds wreak havoc to your landscape and diminish your property's investment. Here are some reasons why you need weed control for your lawn in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, and other nearby areas in Washington.

Why Weeds Are Bad for Your Lawn

Generally speaking, weeds are plants that provide no value, in terms of food or nutrients or visual appeal to your lawn. They spread rapidly and once their roots take hold, they become stronger and much harder to eliminate. These weeds also become much more aggressive over time. The sooner you take action against weeds in your yard, the easier it is to get rid of them and keep them gone.

Simply put, weeds choke out your grass and kill it by depriving it of much-needed space, nutrients, and light. Weeds also compete with flowers, vegetables and other plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight. Because weeds are voracious and grow astoundingly fast, they often absorb more of one nutrient than others, leaving an imbalance of nutrients in your soil. When fertilizer is applied to your lawn, weeds are the quickest to soak up...

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