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Is Spring Fertilizing Really That Important?

Is Spring Fertilizing Really That Important?

If you want your lawn to be verdant and lush this year, then you will need to apply a treatment of spring fertilizer. Fertilizer supplies key nutrients to your grass and the soil that they otherwise wouldn't get.

Here's why you need to apply spring fertilization in Spokane Valley, Spokane, Liberty Lake, and the nearby areas of Washington State.

Fertilizer provides important nutrients to your grass.

Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service work truck preparing lawn fertilization treatment in Spokane, WA.

Once your grass is no longer dormant from the winter, it will begin to grow as it absorbs light, water, and air. If it is growing without the nutrients received from an initial spring fertilizer treatment, then it will not be as strong.

In early spring, it's best to administer a quick-release, nitrogen-based fertilizer. Nitrogen is what makes your grass green as it is a huge component of chlorophyll. While it is in the air around us, your grass cannot use it until it has been absorbed into the soil.

While nitrogen is vital, there is a reason they say "too much of a good thing." Too much nitrogen can cause burns in the grass. On the reverse side, if there is not enough nitrogen, the grass blades will turn yellow.

Our lawn care professionals will create a custom-blended fertilizer that is specific to your property, so rest assured that we will apply the amount of nitrogen your lawn needs.

A fertilization treatment also nourishes your soil.

Those nutrients will work their way down into the soil, where the materials...

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