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Millwood, WA home with excellent lawn care services.

Millwood, WA Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care experts provide routine treatments to ensure your lawn in Millwood, WA is beautiful and healthy all throughout the growing season.

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Lawn care treatments provided to Millwood, WA and the surrounding areas.

Our company offers fertilization, weed control, lawn insect control, and more.

Millwood, WA is a small town inside the Spokane Valley. With a population just under 2,000 people, it offers a quaint and homey feel to its residents. Many who live in Millwood enjoy getting out and experiencing the scenery of Dishman Hills and Camp Sekani Park.

At %Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we provide lawn care treatments including weed control, fertilization, lawn insect control, and more to properties in and around Millwood. Learn more about these treatments and how they keep your yard looking healthy and verdant.

Expert Lawn Care, Plant Health, & Pest Control Services for Homes & Businesses

Recently fertilized and mowed business lawn in Millwood, WA.

We are a lawn care provider in the Millwood area, but we also offer plant health and some pest control services. We work with many local homes and businesses to strengthen their grass and plants and to keep pests out of the buildings.

  • Fertilization: We offer custom-blended fertilization treatments that can be either organic or conventional based on your preference for your property. Fertilization treatments are administered five times a year in 6-8 week intervals.
  • Weed Control: Our pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments will work to keep problematic weeds from invading your lawn. Like fertilization, herbicide is also applied five times a year.
  • Shrub & Tree Health: Keep your landscape plants healthy with our shrub and tree services. We routinely inspect the plants and trees for any signs of insects or diseases so that we can proactively treat them and remove the issue.
  • Shrub Bed Weed Control: It is just as important to keep weeds out of your landscape or shrub beds. Weeds can quickly overpower landscape plants, suffocating them as they take away all of their nutrients. These treatments are also administered five times each year.
  • Lawn Insect & Disease Control: Insects and diseases alike pose threats to your lawn throughout the year. We can monitor for signs of these issues, like red thread, white grubs, or European crane flies, and treat for them when necessary.
  • Spider Barrier Service: Finding a spider inside your home or office can be disconcerting, particularly if it happens to be a venomous spider. Our spider barrier service ensures you won't have an issue with spiders inside. It also works for ants, millipedes, and other problem pests.

Does your lawn in Millwood, WA need a little extra care this season? Contact our local company.

Throughout Millwood, WA, and the surrounding areas of Spokane and Spokane Valley, our local experts provide some of the best lawn care around. With almost 30 years of experience, we know precisely how to care for your grass and plants so that they will reach optimum levels of health. If your lawn is in need of some extra care this season, then contact our company today at (509) 927-6767 to set up an estimate.

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