Your lawn requires many various services to keep it strong, healthy, and green year-round. Fertilization is one of the most important services you can provide your lawn. While spring is the most popular fertilization time, your lawn greatly benefits from fall and winter fertilization.

Fall and winter fertilization promotes better nutrient absorption, sustain your lawn through the cold winter month, and help it recover stronger and greener in the spring. Here is why your lawn needs fall and winter fertilization in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, and the surrounding areas.

Better Nutrient Absorption

Grass in Spokane Valley, WA that has greater nutrient absorption thanks to fall fertilization.

Autumn provides your lawn with the perfect environment for optimum nutrient absorption. Cool temperatures and an influx in moisture reduce stress on your lawn and help your grass roots drink up nutrients applied by your fertilizer treatments. Fertilizing in winter continues to provide your lawn with helpful nutrients and energy needed to last throughout the winter. Your lawn’s health and survivability during the winter are determined by the number of nutrients it can soak up before dormancy.

Winter Sustainability

Applying fertilizer in the fall is pivotal to your lawn’s sustainability during the winter. Winterizer, as it’s commonly known, provides your lawn with food and nutrients that it can store for later use throughout the winter. Before entering dormancy, your lawn prepares itself for the winter by increasing its energy reserves from nutrients supplied to it in the fall. This extra boost of food from winterizer builds your lawn’s strength and stamina before the cold winter sets in. For best result, apply your last winter fertilizer treatment right before the first frost date, to ensure your fertilizer has ample time to sink down into your root system and fuel them for the winter.

Faster Recovery

When your lawn is provided with nutrients in fall and winter, it has the energy and ability to recover much faster when it comes out of dormancy. Winterizer ensures your lawn has the nutrients needed to transition smoothly out of its dormant state and into an active growing state. If your lawn does not have enough stored energy during the winter, it struggles to grow once it awakens in spring. A fall fertilizer that’s rich in potassium helps your grass roots grow strong and reach deeper into your soil, allowing them to absorb all the nutrients and vitamins they need for a quick recovery in the spring.

Fall and winter fertilization sustains your lawn with a steady stream of slow-releasing energy that it can use to grow strong and healthy in spring.

Improved Health & Appearance

A dark green, healthy lawn in Liberty Lake, WA.

When spring arrives, we all want our lawns to look lush and green and be full of vivacity and health. In order to accomplish this goal, it’s important to give your lawn the essentials it needs to thrive throughout the winter so it may return in full swing. Once your grass wakes up in spring, its roots tap into stored nutrients from fall and winter fertilizer treatments and gain a valuable head start for the growing season. Your lawn’s stored energy reserves fuel your lawn to grow in quicker, creating a thicker, greener lawn much earlier in spring.

Schedule fall and winter fertilizer treatments for your lawn today!

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