Here at Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we promote the health and beauty of your lawn and landscape through a variety of lawn care services. Routine weed control is one of the most beneficial services you can enlist for your lawn. Our lawn care providers offer routine weed control to properties located in Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, and Spokane, WA. We implement our proven 5-application plan and never miss a visit so your lawn can grow free of weeds year-round. 

Check out five reasons to ensure your lawn has routine weed control. 

1. Routine weed control prevents weeds from germinating in the first place. 

A lot of home- and business owners are aware of the benefits of post-emergent weed extraction. However, the benefits of routine weed control go far beyond their removal. Through our routine weed control services, we prevent weeds from germinating in the first place. 

We prepare your lawn to combat aggressive weed growth. Even with the humidity, warm weather, and rainfall present during the growing season, routine weed control keeps these unwanted plants at bay. 

2. Regular weed control treatments make more nutrients available to your lawn. 

Oftentimes, weeds grow much quicker than your grass does. They require a significant amount of resources to thrive, including nutrients, water, and sunlight. If weeds are hogging these resources, your grass won't have everything it needs to grow green and lush. 

Opt for regular weed control treatments to make more resources available to your lawn. 

3. We have specialized weed control services that target a variety of weeds.

Dandelions growing in a yard in Spokane Valley, WA.

Rather than worrying about one specific type of weed, our professional lawn care providers apply treatments that target weeds like dandelions and groundsel. 

Our regular weed treatment services promote a healthy lawn year-round and keep all types of weeds out of your grass. 

4. Weed control services keep your soil balanced and promote the long-term growth of your lawn.

The presence of weeds causes a nutrient imbalance in your soil. Restoring the balance of your soil requires a lot of time and effort. To keep your soil properly balanced and promote the long-term growth of your lawn, you need to keep weeds at bay. Our lawn care providers offer regular weed control services so your lawn's soil can support healthy grass growth.

5. Routine weed control eliminates potential threats. 

Certain weeds can threaten the health of pets and young children upon touch or consumption. Some possible symptoms that can arise include rashes, vomiting, and indigestion. 

Weeds that produce flowers may attract wasps, which can be harmful to curious children and pets. Eliminate these potential threats from your yard by enlisting the services of our routine weed control company. 

Do you want to ensure that your lawn receives routine weed control treatments? Contact our lawn care providers today.

Applying your own weed control treatments can be an inefficient use of labor and resources. If you want to ensure your lawn receives routine weed control treatments, contact our lawn care providers today by calling (509) 927-6767. We set you up with a schedule that works for your residential or commercial yard in Liberty Lake, Spokane, and Spokane Valley, WA.