If you want your lawn in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, and other nearby areas in Washington to look full, lush, and green, there are a few things you’ll have to do to get it there.

One of the most important things you can do for your lawn is to establish a regular fertilization treatment to ensure it gets the nutrients it needs. Without fertilizer, your lawn will suffer. Here are some of the things that will happen to your lawn without a routine fertilizer application.

Your Lawn Won’t Be Able to Fight off Insect Infestation or Diseases Without Fertilizer

This grass in Spokane Valley has brown spots due to disease.

An important aspect of fertilization is that it makes your grass stronger. With that strength comes a greater ability to fight off common plant diseases such as red thread, Rhizoctonia, pine needle scale, and more.

In our area of Washington, we also have many common insects that affect the health of your lawn. These include white grubs, chinch bugs, cutworms, and others. The best way to eliminate these from your yard is with a pest control program but establishing a strong foundation in your grass helps to keep these pests away, too.

When your lawn goes without fertilizer, it loses the strength it gains from those nutrients.

Your Grass Will Not Look Healthy or Feel Soft if it Isn’t Fertilized

The three nutrients in fertilizer are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each serves a different purpose in lawn health, and each is a necessary nutrient to have in your soil in order for grass to grow to its optimal condition.

Without fertilization, grass will not feel soft or look healthy. Losing the appearance of your grass makes your yard look less inviting and also decreases your curb appeal. By neglecting fertilization treatments, you’re also neglecting the investment you put into your property.

Your Lawn Will Not Be Able to Battle Weed Invasions if it Lacks Nutrients

This lawn in Liberty Lake is being overtaken by weeds.

Weeds tend to grow much more quickly than grass, which means they suck up any nutrients from the soil faster than the grass can get to them. Applying fertilizer helps grass get those nutrients back. If your grass blades can’t pull nutrients from the soil, they weaken and lose the battle against weed growth, eventually succumbing to weed invasions and requiring extra treatment to get back to its previously healthy state.

Use a Custom-Blended Fertilizer to Balance Your Soil’s Nutrients

Every yard’s soil is different with its nutrient balance and that’s why we provide a custom-blended fertilizer at Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, Inc.. Our treatments are applied five times a year throughout early spring, summer, and fall. In early spring, we apply nitrogen-based fertilizer so your grass can get strength. In summer, we apply our custom blend of ammonium sulfate, urea, and potassium sulfate and in the fall as the temperature drops, we apply a custom-blended winterizer.

We also provide organic fertilizer that is composed of dehydrated poultry waste if that fits more into your lawn care preferences.

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