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How European Crane Flies Cause Damage to Your Lawn

How European Crane Flies Cause Damage to Your Lawn

In eastern Washington, we have a few problematic insects that can kill off a lawn, but European crane flies can cause damage to your lawn and weaken it, making it more susceptible to other threats such as weed invasion.

These insects often invade Washington lawns in winter or early spring, which means now is the time to check for any damage or signs of these pests. Learn about the European crane fly and how it affects lawns throughout Spokane, Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, and the surrounding communities.

What Is a European Crane Fly?

European crane flies come from western Europe and are an invasive species. They were brought to Canada and discovered in the 1960s. An adult crane fly looks similar to a larger mosquito, with two wings. Their life cycle lasts approximately one year. Their larvae hatch in the late summer and begin feeding on roots, shoots, and the crowns of your grass. These larvae have leathery-like skin, giving them the name "leatherjackets."

Signs of European Crane Fly Damage

Once early spring arrives and your grass begins to grow out, you may notice thinned out areas in the lawn. These areas may be affected by the European crane fly larvae. If you see an increased presence of starlings, robins, or other birds rooting around in those thinned out areas, that's a good indicator of larvae being present.

Examine for crane flies by digging up about four random spots in your lawn to count the larvae. Each spot...

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3 Venomous Spiders to Keep Out of Your Home in Spokane, WA

3 Venomous Spiders to Keep Out of Your Home in Spokane, WA

Some spiders are harmless while others can cause skin irritation or more severe symptoms. Unfortunately, there are a few species of native and non-native spiders in Spokane, WA that can harm you, your family members, and your pets with their bites.

Here at Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we offer an effective spider barrier service that keeps these eight-legged creatures out of your home. We provide this service to those in Spokane, Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, and other nearby Washington areas.

Below, we'll discuss three venomous spiders you should keep out of your home and how our team can help.

1) Hobo spiders are small, but their bites can cause bad physical reactions.

Hobo spiders are small and typically shy. They normally don't get bigger than half an inch, and their leg span usually doesn't exceed 3 inches. Despite their small size, they will bite when they feel threatened.

You can identify a hobo spider by the following characteristics:

  • Hairy-looking legs
  • Herringbone pattern on top of the abdomen
  • Subdued coloration (brown and rust earth shades)

The hobo spider's bite is strong enough to cause localized pain. In some cases, tissue death, medically referred to as necrosis, will occur at and near the bite. Some victims have reported symptoms like:

  • Feelings of general discomfort
  • Vision abnormalities
  • Severe headaches

The good news is that this spider's bite isn't fatal to humans who are in good health. However, a wound ...

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Why It's Crucial to Keep Pests out of Your Yard

Why It's Crucial to Keep Pests out of Your Yard

Keeping your lawn and landscaping in great condition takes strategy and consistency in many different areas. One of the major areas is lawn pest control which targets insects and spiders that can threaten the well-being of your property and home.

Lawn pests create destruction and damage to your grass and soil. There are a variety of pests that plague the areas of Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake that need to be treated for on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy, green lawn.

Most insects are active during the growing season. Warmer weather from May through October sees an influx of pests in lawns and landscaping.

Prevention of Infestation is Key

A brown recluse has taken up residence in this Spokane lawn.

Maintaining routine pest control and spider barriers before an infestation occurs is practical. Once pests start to invade your lawn, getting rid of them is a lot harder than keeping them off in the first place. The same goes for spiders making homes in your landscaping, or worse, in your home.

At Sure Green Lawn & Tree Service, we offer preventative insect treatments and spider barriers throughout the warm seasons. Insect treatments are maintained frequently throughout this time, while our spider barrier program contains four treatments spaced out over 6-8 week increments. Treating your lawn is important if you want to keep pests out of your yard.

Common Spiders & Their Bites

In Spokane and the surrounding communities, venomous spiders such as the black widow...

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